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Ghost Wolf

School conjuration (creation); Level bloodrager 4, sorcerer/wizard 4, summoner 2


Casting Time 10 minutes
Components V, S, F (dire wolf tooth)


Range 0 ft.
Target one quasi-real wolflike creature
Duration 1 hour/level (D) or 1 round/level; see text
Saving Throw none (see description); Spell Resistance no


This spell conjures a Large, quasi-real, wolflike creature made of roiling black smoke. It functions as phantom steed, except as noted above. In addition, the creature radiates an aura of fear. Any creature with fewer than 6 Hit Dice within 30 feet (except the ghost wolf‘s rider) must make a Will save or become shaken for 1d4 rounds (this is a mind-affecting fear effect). A creature that makes its Will save is unaffected by the steed’s fear aura for 24 hours.

The ghost wolf may also be used in combat. Once per round, the rider may direct the ghost wolf to attack in battle as a free action (bite +10, 1d8+6 points of damage); unlike an animal mount, this does not require a Ride check or any training. Once the ghost wolf attacks, it lasts for only 1 round per level thereafter.

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