Brightest Light

School evocation [light]; Level bard 4, cleric 4, druid 4, inquisitor 4, magus 4, occultist 4, paladin 4, ranger 4, shaman 4, sorcerer/wizard 4


Duration 1 hour/level (D)


This spell functions as daylight, except it lasts longer. In addition, as a swift action once during the spell’s duration, you can will the light to try to end a magical darkness effect located within 60 feet of the light this spell emits. Attempt a dispel check (1d20 + your caster level), with a DC equal to 11 + the caster level of the darkness effect. If you succeed, the darkness effect ends. Regardless of whether you are successful, the light from this spell dims to the brightness of a torch for the spell’s remaining duration.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Adventurer’s Guide © 2017, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Benjamin Bruck, John Compton, Crystal Frasier, Tim Hitchcock, Jenny Jarzabski, Isabelle Lee, Joe Pasini, Jessica Price, David Schwartz, and Josh Vogt.

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