Instant Summons

School conjuration (summoning); Level 7


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (sapphire worth 1,000 gp)


Range see text
Target one object weighing 10 lbs. or less whose longest dimension is 6 ft. or less
Duration permanent until discharged


You call some nonliving item directly to your hand from virtually any location.

  • You must place your arcane mark on the item.
  • The spell magically and invisibly inscribes the name of the item on a sapphire worth at least 1,000 gp. The inscription on the gem is invisible. It is also unreadable, except by means of a read magic spell, to anyone but you.
  • You summon the item by speaking a special word (set by you when the spell is cast) and crushing the gem. The item appears instantly in your hand. Only you can use the gem in this way.
  • The item can be summoned from another plane, but only if no other creature has claimed ownership of it.

If the item is in the possession of another creature, the spell does not work, but you know who the possessor is and roughly where that creature is located when the summons occurs.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

S-Class Characters: The Oracle. Copyright 2023, Samurai Sheepdog. Author: Kevin Glusing

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