Manifest I

School evocation; Level godling 1


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components None


Range personal
Effect spell related to your lineage (see text)
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance yes

Manifest II

School evocation; Level godling 2

Manifest III

School evocation; Level godling 3

Manifest IV

School evocation; Level godling 4

Manifest V

School evocation; Level godling 5

Manifest VI

School evocation; Level godling 6

Manifest VII

School evocation; Level godling 7

Manifest VIII

School evocation; Level godling 8

Manifest IX

School evocation; Level godling 9


You display a manifestation of your divine power in the form of a spell effect. The effect matches a spell you select from the bard, cleric, druid, or sorcerer/wizard spell list that is related to your lineage domains (see below). The spell must be lower level than the manifest used to create it. The spell must have a casting time of 1 standard action or less, no material components that cost more than 1 gp, and no focus requirement. Your godling level is your caster level for the spell effect. The spell effect cannot be modified by feats you possess (including metamagic feats). You make all decisions about effects and targets as if you had cast the spell effect.

Each lineage domain you possess gives you access to spells that meet one or more requirements, listed below. When the requirement references a name, it’s the common name for the spell in question. (Thus having the magic domain as a lineage domain allows you to use manifest to cast detect magic, as the word “magic” is in the name of that spell.) Note that not all lineage domains grant the same number of potential spell effects (especially at lower levels). Look at your domains carefully prior to taking this spell.

The lineage domain spell effect requirements, by domain, are:

Air: Electricity descriptor

Animal: Animal or nature in title

Artifice: Conjuration (creation)

Chaos: Chaos descriptor

Charm: Enchantment (charm)

Community: Harmless entry for saves and spell resistance

Darkness: Darkness descriptor

Death: Necromancy with evil descriptor

Destruction: Deals hp damage, does not have acid, cold, electricity, or fire descriptor

Earth: Acid descriptor

Evil: Non-necromancy spells with evil descriptor

Fire: Fire descriptor and instantaneous duration

Glory: Spells that grant a bonus to other creatures, but do not heal

Good: Good descriptor

Healing: Conjuration (healing)

Knowledge: Divination with no descriptor or subschool

Law: Lawful descriptor

Liberation: Abjuration with instantaneous duration

Luck: Grants luck bonus

Madness: Enchantment (compulsion)

Magic: Dweomer, magic, or spell in name

Nobility: Grants morale bonus, increase to Charisma, or increase to Charisma-based skill

Plant: Bark, berry, plant, seed, tree, or wood in name

Protection: Abjuration with duration of 1 round or more

Repose: Necromancy without evil descriptor

Rune: Circle, erase, page, glyph, symbol, or rune in name

Strength: Grants attack bonus, increase to Strength, or increase to Strength-based skill

Sun: Fire descriptor and duration or 1 round or more

Travel: Conjuration (teleportation) and spells that affect or grant move rate

Trickery: Illusion (glamer)

War: Grants more than one target bonus to attack rolls or armor class

Water: Water descriptor

Weather: Mist, fog, sleet, storm, weather or wind in name

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