Dispel Duration

Note The following spell is unique to the time warden and can be considered an alternate version of the spells they refer to. Rather than list all the rules for such spells, only the differences between the time warden spell and the normal spell it is based on are given. For purposes of interactions with other spells, effects, and magic items, these alternate spells can be treated as the same as the spells they are based on.


This spell allows you to cause an effect to run rapidly through time, potentially ending it.

It functions as dispel magic, except it works against any effect that ends after a set duration or a set number of successful saving throws (including diseases and poisons), rather than only against spells. However, this spell has no effect on spells that do not end after a set duration (even ones subject to dispel magic), and when it is used to counterspell it is effective against chronothurgy spells only.

Dispel Duration, Greater

As greater dispel magic, except it targets effects that end with time or a set of saving throws, as defined in dispel duration.

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