Quill Skin

School transmutation; Level druid 1


Casting Time 1 immediate action
Components V


Range personal
Target you
Duration 2 rounds/level (D)


Hundreds of thin, pointed quills instantly erupt from your skin. The quills effectively serve as armor spikes and you are treated as if you are proficient with them. These quills cover the majority your body and do not harm you, or hinder your movement or any other actions. The quills sprout out of natural and leather armor but remain harmless under other types. The quills are fine enough as not to cause damage to clothing or other items worn.

Creatures swallowing or constricting you take 3d6 points of damage each round while you remain swallowed or constricted.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Section 15: Copyright Notice – 101 1st Level Spells

101 1st Level Spells. Copyright 2011, Steven D. Russell; Author: Steven D. Russell.

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