School conjuration (summoning); Level druid 2, ranger 2


Casting Time 1 round
Components V, S, M, DF (one dead butterfly)


Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./21evels)
Effect one golden butterfly
Duration 1 min./level (D)
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


Casting this spell creates a one-foot-long golden butterfly (use stats for a stirge except it does not possess its melee attack, scent ability, or its special abilities). This butterfly is under your complete control, and you are empowered to see, hear, and feel everything the butterfly does. The butterfly triggers any traps and suffers any damage a normal stirge would.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

101 2nd Level Spells. Copyright 2011, Steven D. Russell; Author: Steven D. Russell.

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