Encase in Ice

School evocation [cold]; Level sorcerer/wizard 8


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a handful of ice shavings)


Range Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Target One creature of Large size or smaller
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes


You form a large block of ice around the target creature, trapping the creature inside. The ice is one inc thick per caster level (maximum 25 inches) extending outward from the target. While trapped inside the ice, the victim is helpless (though luckily for her it is difficult to perform a coup de grace); she cannot move or speak but is aware of her surroundings and can engage in purely mental activities.

Each round that the creature stays within the block of ice, she takes 1d6 points of cold damage; however, the real danger comes from suffocation. The target can hold her breath for a number of rounds equal to twice her Constitution score. After this period of time, the target must make a Constitution check (DC 10) every round in order to continue holding her breath. Each round, the DC increases by 1. If the target fails her Constitution check, she begins to suffocate. In the first round, she falls unconscious (0 hp).

Due to the frigid nature of the spell, the target’s body functions slow down and prevent a quick death. Once the victim is unconscious, she takes 1 point of cold damage every round until she is freed or she is dead.

The only easy way to get a creature out of the ice block is to destroy the ice. Ice has a hardness of zero and has three hit points per inch of thickness. Ice takes double damage from fire based attacks. Attacks against the ice risk harming the creature caught inside. Any damage beyond what is needed to break the ice is transferred to the trapped creature.

Rather than hacking at the ice, a character can try to break it in one blow. The ice block has a break DC of 10 + 1 per inch of thickness. This method is also dangerous to the trapped creature and deals 1d6 points of damage plus the attacker’s Strength modifier to the trapped character.

The target encased in the ice can attempt a Strength check to break the ice from the inside, but suffers a -10 circumstance penalty due to being immobilized. If she breaks through the ice herself, she does not suffer any additional damage.

At room temperature the block of ice will melt at a rate of one inch per hour. A shatter or similar spell deals double damage.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathways Bestiary (c) 2017, Rite Publishing LLC.; Author: Steven D. Russell.

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