Convert Foe

School: enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting]; Level: cleric 9


Casting Time: 1 standard action
Components: V, S, M/DF (10,000 gp diamond)


Range: touch
Target: touched creature
Duration: instantaneous
Saving Throw: Will partial; Spell Resistance: Yes


Your enemy is suddenly your friend.

The subject becomes a loyal cohort, and comes to be indoctrinated to your alignment and into the beliefs of your deity and/or ethos. The subject views you and your allies as if under the effects of a charm monster, while viewing all your opponents as his opponents even if they were formerly his trusted allies. The subject’s alignment becomes that of your deity’s alignment. The subject is also forcibly converted to the worship of your deity. Devout followers of another deity (clerics, paladins, etc.) get a +4 bonus to their saving throw against the spell. The subject still remembers his previous life but believes he has had a revelation about the truth of the universe. For example, a paladin affected by this spell could become an anti-paladin believing that the whole of his life was a waste as the people he served were not worthy of him and never appreciated his sacrifices.

Upon a successful save the target is subject to the confused condition for 1 round. A target that succeeds on the saving throw is also immune to that same caster’s convert foe spell for 24 hours after the confusion ends. Nothing short of a miracle, wish or another casting of convert foe can reverse the effects of this spell.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Gods of Porphyra © 2012, Purple Duck Games; Authors: Christopher Kaiser, Perry Fehr, Mark Gedak, August Hahn, John Hazen, Sean Holland, Sam Hing, James H. Lewis, Chris Longhurst, Scott Messer, Sean O’Connor, David Nicholas Ross, and Jeremy Whalen

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