Commune with the Ancients

School: divination; Level: cleric 4, druid 4, sorcerer/wizard 5
Components: V, S


Casting Time: 10 minutes


Range: personal
Target: you
Duration: 10 minutes


You become one with the land you are touching, gaining secret knowledge regarding recent events.

You can mentally ask up to three simple questions about the location regarding anything which took place there during the last 48 hours; if your queries have clear answers, the answers instantly enter your mind.

Common forms of questions include:

  • How many beings like me (or larger than me) usually dwell here?“,
  • What kinds of creatures live in this forest?“,
  • In what direction is the nearest body of water larger than a small stream (or the largest body of fresh water)?“, or
  • Where is the closest drinkable water on the surface of the land?

The land replies as honestly and completely as it can, but it is incapable of answering specific questions, such as “Does Rael Yundri live in these lands?” or “Has a wizard (or the wizard Beldran Sendaer) ever been here?” (Or, “Is Rael Yundri inside this castle or on this farm right now?“)

The caster can ask about specific spots or features (such as rooms or doors.) Queries about a specific area will receive a response about only that specific area. If queried about an entire land or region, the land answers about a plot of land of a 10-mile radius maximum area centered on the caster.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Gods of Porphyra © 2012, Purple Duck Games; Authors: Christopher Kaiser, Perry Fehr, Mark Gedak, August Hahn, John Hazen, Sean Holland, Sam Hing, James H. Lewis, Chris Longhurst, Scott Messer, Sean O’Connor, David Nicholas Ross, and Jeremy Whalen

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