Luminous Retribution

School evocation [good, light]; Level: champion of light 3, cleric 4, inquisitor 4

Components: V, S

Casting Time: 1 standard action

Range: Touch

Target(s): Object touched

Duration: 10 min./level (D)

Saving Throw: None; Spell Resistance: yes

This spell functions identically to the daylight spell. Additionally, all evil creatures and those associated with darkness suffer a –1 penalty to attacks, saves, and ability checks while within the illuminated area. Qualifying evil creatures of darkness include shadows, shadow demons, evil creatures with light sensitivity, light blindness, light vulnerability, evil creatures that can see in darkness, and any creatures that possess an innate spell-like or supernatural ability that creates darkness (such as a black dragon’s or babau demon’s darkness ability).

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Grimoire Viperian: A Tome of Exotic Lore Copyright 2021 Magic Skull Games Author: Steven F. Johnson

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