Master Key

School transmutation (fire); Level machinesmith 3, sorcerer/wizard 4


Casting Time 1 round
Components V, S, M (an iron cylinder packed with explosive material)


Range touch
Duration 5 rounds or until discharged
Saving Throw Reflex half; Spell Resistance no


This spell attaches a small but powerful explosive device to a door, wall, or other object. The object must be Small or larger, or must be a part of a larger object such as the bars of a jail cell window. The device is too cumbersome to attach to living creatures. This device detonates when its duration elapses or when the caster discharges the spell as a swift action. When it explodes, the device emits a 15-foot cone towards the object to which it is attached, dealing 1d6 piercing and fire damage per caster level (maximum 15d6) to the object.

This damage ignores half of the object’s hardness. If the explosion destroys the object, the cone continues outward, dealing damage to creatures beyond it (Reflex save for half damage).

Section 15: Copyright Notice

NeoExodus Chronicles: Weapons of Machinesmith Destruction Copyright 2014, Louis Porter Jr. Design, Inc.

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