Steal Dying Breath

School necromancy; Level cleric 2


Casting Time 1 immediate action
Components V, S


Range 10 feet
Target one creature
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Fort negates; Spell Resistance yes

When a creature within range of you dies, you can cast this spell to trap a portion of its fading life essence, adding 1 point to your ki pool. If the target had a ki pool in life and had at least 1 point in its ki pool at the time of its death, you instead add 2 points to your ki pool. These ki points are temporary and dissipate if not spent within 1 hour. This effect does not apply if the caster lacks a ki pool. If the target is later returned to life, it gains a temporary negative level lasting 24 hours; this is in addition to any negative levels gained from breath of life, raise dead, reincarnate, or similar spells. If this negative level (or the total of combined negative levels) would exceed the creature’s Hit Dice, the creature takes an additional point of Constitution drain instead. A Fortitude save negates this effect.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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