Weapon Of Blood

School transmutation (necrophagy); Level alchemist 1, sorcerer/wizard 1


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a pinch of iron shavings)


Range personal
Duration 1 min./level


When you cast this spell, you cut yourself with any immediately available implement, and the trickling blood transforms into a short, sharp blade of solid red metal.

This cut deals 1d4 hp of damage that cannot be healed until after the blade it creates is destroyed or the spell ends. This wound has no effect on the spell’s casting and does not require the spellcaster to make a concentration check.

Once the spell is cast, the blood flowing from the spellcaster’s body transforms into a razor sharp blade that functions as a +1 dagger. This dagger has the hardness and hp of steel and lasts until it is sundered or the duration expires, whereupon it transforms back into normal blood and flows away.

At higher levels, the spellcaster can increase the power of the dagger as described on Table 2-18.

For every increase in power, the spellcaster must spend an additional amount of blood equal to 2 hp of damage.

Therefore, a 12th-level spellcaster must take 1d4+6 hp of damage to create a +3 keen dagger. He could also take just 1d4+2 hp damage to create a +2 dagger or 1d4+4 hp damage to create a +2 keen dagger.

Table 2-18: Weapon of Blood Details
Spellcaster Level Weapon Created
3rd-6th +2 dagger
7th-9th +2 keen dagger
10th-13th +3 keen dagger
14th-17th +3 keen wounding dagger
18th-20th +5 keen wounding dagger
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