Speak With Ancestors

School divination; Level cleric/oracle 4, shaman 4


Casting Time 10 min.
Components V, S, M (holy or unholy water and an ancestor idol), DF


Range personal
Target you
Duration 10 min./level; see text


You contact your ancestors and ask questions related to their lives and knowledge. You are allowed one such question per caster level.

The answers given are correct within the limits of the ancestor’s knowledge; for example, dwarven ancestors know primarily answers that pertain to Craft, Knowledge (architecture and engineering), Knowledge (dungeoneering), Knowledge (history), and similar subjects. Most answers are a single sentence or a short phrase (five words or less), combined with patronizing wisdom and extended advice about how the questioner should proceed, and how much better things were during the ancestor’s time.

Each question requires 1 round to ask, and 10 min. to answer. The spell, at best, provides information to aid character decisions. The ancestors structure their answers to further their own purposes, especially to advance their own family’s causes and reputation as they see it. If the caster lags, ignores the ancestor’s long-winded advice, discusses the answers with others, or goes off to do anything else, the spell ends.

Likewise, any question that is especially distressing or dangerous requires the caster to make a DC 15 Diplomacy check. If the check fails, the spell ends.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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