Sacrificial Monkey

School conjuration (creation); Level sorcerer/wizard 4, witch 4


Casting Time 6 hrs.
Components V, S, M (freshly killed body of a monkey)


Effect one creature
Duration 1 day/caster level
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


You create a shadow monkey�a foul, animated object that clings to you like a sickened baby.

The sacrificial monkey has a single use: to stop a confirmed critical from affecting you. When an enemy confirms a critical hit against you, the monkey throws itself before the melee, ranged, or ranged touch attack and takes the hit itself. The monkey always stops such attacks and never stops any other attacks. The monkey cannot stop damage inflicted by critical hits from spells or spell-like abilities.

The monkey cannot attack in any way; it is never allowed an attack roll. It cannot be killed, but dissipates if it takes 6 hp damage/caster level (it gets no save against any attacks it stops).

The sacrificial monkey can be dismissed or commanded to remain at a given location. Issuing such a command temporarily suppresses the benefit of the sacrificial monkey until it is again within your space. You can never have more than a single sacrificial monkey at any given time.

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