Mountain Stride

School conjuration (teleportation); Level druid/shaman 5, ranger 4


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, DF


Range personal
Target you
Duration 1 hr./level or until expended; see text


When you cast this spell, you gain the ability to step into a mountain’s stone (or another appropriately large piece of rock) and magically meld with it. Once you are within a section of rock, you can teleport from that particular stone to another block of stone. The stone you enter must be of the same kind, it must be unworked (you cannot teleport into a stone tunnel or building), and it must be large enough to envelop your body.

In addition, by moving into a section of basalt (for example), you instantly know the location of all other basalt within transport range (see below) and may choose whether you want to teleport into a different stone or simply step back out of the stone you moved into. You may choose to teleport into any stone of the appropriate kind within the transport range as shown on the following table.

Table 2-9: Stone Types and Teleporting
Type of Stone Transport Range
Iron ore or quartz 3,000 ft.
Granite, basalt, or feldspar 2,000 ft.
Obsidian or lava 1,500 ft.
Any sedimentary stone (sandstone, limestone, etc.) 1,000 ft.

While this spell is in effect, you may move into a stone block once per caster level (passing from one stone to another counts only as moving into one stone). The spell lasts until the duration expires or you exit a stone face.

Stepping into a stone, teleporting to another stone, and stepping out of a stone all are full-round actions.

You can remain within a stone without transporting yourself while this spell is in effect, but when it ends you are forced out of the stone and into a random, adjacent square (or shunted to the nearest open space). If the stone in which you are concealed is shattered or split, you are slain.

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