Memory Echo

School evocation [ink]; Level sorcerer/wizard 5


Casting Time as scribing a scroll; see text
Components S, M; see text


Range see text
Target creature that reads or touches the memory echo; see text
Duration see text
Saving Throw see text; Spell Resistance yes


You extract memories from your own mind and capture them in written form. Doing so removes the memory from your mind until someone reads the resulting symbol, mark, or keyword. When someone does so, the information is instantly conferred to them and also returns to you. This allows you to pass on information secretly to someone else, for good or ill.

Spells may be conferred in secret in this way, as well.

Enclosing a spell in a memory echo removes that spell from the caster’s spell list until the spell is triggered. Reading a memory echo that encloses a spell triggers that spell unless the reader succeeds on a Will save. A basic memory enclosing only information does not allow for a saving throw. Learning information this way confers familiarity equal to the caster’s.

Concealed with illusory scripts and secret pages or placed within forged documents, harmful spells can be hidden within secret missives, official papers, and scrolls. For each such spell used to conceal the memory echo, the DC for the Will save is increased by that spell’s level. Arcane casters facing persecution will often use memory echo to remove incriminating information from their minds or to convey important information to others.

This spell requires special inks and the same amount of gp required to scribe an equivalent scroll; or, you may spend 100 gp on rare inks if only a memory is scribed and not a spell.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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