School abjuration; Level cleric/oracle 5


Casting Time 1 hr.
Components V, S, M (2,500 gp in rare incense and sacred offerings), DF


Range touch
Target living creature touched
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes


Like atonement, this spell removes the burden of misdeeds from the subject. The target of this spell may be unrepentant or even want to commit the misdeed again.

The casting cleric’s deity (who must have Trickery in its portfolio) accepts the stain of the evil act, absolving you before your own deity becomes aware of it. The target of this spell must sacrifice at least 2,500 gp in rare incense and offerings, but the casting cleric may ask for more.

Indulgence must be cast before you commit the evil act or before the next time you pray, including prayers for new spells. If you have prayed since committing the deed, it is too late for indulgence and only atonement can restore you.

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