Fly True

School transmutation; Level druid/shaman 5, elven archer 4


Casting Time 1 swift action
Components V, S, F (an arrow or bolt), DF


Range touch
Target one touched arrow or bolt
Duration 1 round
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


You can disable or destroy a device by directing your next arrow to hit exactly where you want. For example, you can cleave an opponent’s arrow in twain with ease, sever a hangman’s rope, or snuff a candle’s flame without disturbing the melted wax below.

Your target must be a stationary, inanimate object within your weapon’s range. The spot you wish to hit must be within your line of sight. When cast, fly true grants a +20 to your ranged attack roll, allows your arrow or bolt to ignore 30 points of hardness, and causes it to deal its maximum damage +5 hp/caster level. This spell is most useful against objects hidden behind walls of force.

If you do not make a shot within one round of casting fly true, the spell dissipates.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

New Paths Compendium. © 2013 Open Design LLC; Authors: Marc Radle, Crystal Frasier, John Ling, Jr., and Jerall Toi.

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