Doom Of Dancing Blades

School illusion (figment); Level antipaladin 3, bard 3, magus 3, sorcerer/wizard 3


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S


Range personal
Target you
Duration 1 min./level


This spell creates a number of illusory doubles of your weapon that inhabit your square and the squares you threaten. These dancing weapons make it difficult for enemies to move near you and attack you, and they grant you flanking against all foes in the area affected, even if you are fighting alone.

When you cast doom of dancing blades, you create 1d4 images plus one image per three caster levels (maximum eight images total). These weapon images remain in your threatened spaces and move with you, mimicking your attacks exactly. They continually shift and spin, covering all directions around you.

Whenever you are hit, one figment weapon is destroyed and you take damage normally. If an attack misses by 5 or less, one of your figment weapons is destroyed by the near miss. Area spells affect you normally and do not destroy any of your figment weapons. Spells and effects that do not require an attack roll affect you normally and do not destroy any of your figment weapons. Spells that require a touch attack are harmlessly discharged if used to destroy a figment weapon.

If you make a critical hit while using a doom of dancing blades, all your figment weapons become momentarily real and substantial weapons�and they all hit normally (not for double damage). Roll damage for all remaining figment weapons. Only your primary damage does critical multiplied damage, but the figment weapon damage each counts as a separate attack (for instance, against stoneskin or similar defenses).

An attacker must be able to see the figment weapons to be fooled. If you are invisible or the attacker is blind, the spell has no effect (although the normal miss chances still apply).

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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