Bold Errantry

School evocation; Level cleric/oracle 7; Domain Glory 7


Casting Time 1 swift action
Components V


Range medium (100 ft. +10 ft./level)
Target a chosen recipient creature; see text
Duration 3 rounds; see text


You gain divine aid for all actions attempted during three consecutive rounds. You choose when the three rounds affected begin to elapse, though you must begin within a number of rounds equal to twice your level.

Bold errantry allows three rolls to be made at a +4 luck bonus for every attack or other action you attempt during the three “bright rounds” (so called because you give off a faint, pearly-white glow during them). of the three rolls made for each action, you may always choose the most favorable result.

Affected actions include games of chance, such as playing cards or dice (in game), finding something hidden (for example, under shells), or drawing a particular card. If a game of chance has been fixed to be impossible (a selection of cards has been altered, dice are “crooked,” or there’s no hidden marker under any shell), this magic tells you that.

After casting this spell, you can transfer all or any remaining “bright” rounds to a single target creature within range and within your line of sight. The target need not be willing or aware of the magic, its benefits, or your selection of them, and once the transfer is made, you can’t call this spell’s effects back (and the target can’t pass it on to anyone else). If you transfer this spell’s effects, the target glows while under its influence (and you do not). The recipient receives the same benefits as described above. If they observe a fixed game of chance, they discover its deceit rather than you.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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