Bestial Lure

School illusion [shadow]; Level sorcerer/wizard 2, witch 2


Casting Time 1 min.
Components V, S, M (fur, hair, or skin of the creature)


Range touch
Target object touched
Duration permanent until discharged
Saving Throw see text; Spell Resistance no (object) text


This spell inscribes an object with protection, setting a guardian in a similar way to a glyph of warding spell. When casting the spell, a faint trace of a pair of tiger claws or a tiger maw is etched into the object. These images vanish when the spell is complete.

The caster chooses the conditions of the bestial lure when casting. The lure always leaves a scent, which can be identified with a DC 15 Perception check by those who have the scent ability. This scent hangs within 120 ft. of the lure, and rakshasas often use it to lure prey. The scent of any available creature can be used.

Typically, any creature passing through the area guarded by the lure or opening or using the object protected by the lure triggers it unless a set password is spoken or an object immediately shown.

Triggering the bestial lure conjures a phantasmal tiger, which attacks for 1 round/level of the caster. Unlike most illusory creatures, though, the tiger is imbued with the power of rakshasas and deals full damage. If you are 9th level or above, the phantasmal tiger summoned is a dire tiger and deals full damage. The summoned shadow creature must remain within 60 ft. of the lure.

The phantasmal creature summoned can be partially disbelieved as a standard shadow illusion spell to avoid damage. a creature that succeeds its saving throw sees the tiger as a transparent image superimposed on a vague outline of the object.

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