Beguiling Bauble

School illusion (glamer); Level alchemist 3, bard 4, witch 4


Casting Time 1 hr.
Components V


Range touch
Target one small, non-magical object you are wearing
Duration permanent


When this spell is cast on a target bauble—typically a mundane ring, amulet, or circlet—you may choose an alignment. While you wear the bauble, for all purposes you seem to be of this alignment, including when you are the target of detect good, detect evil, and similar effects. Your true alignment is concealed from all forms of divination.

The bauble thwarts all magical detection and dispelling, whether you wear it or not (short of a limited wish, miracle, wish, commune, or divine knowledge). The enchantment does not work for other creatures wearing the bauble.

If the wearer commits an act that clearly violates the assumed alignment, all witnesses gain an immediate Will save to recognize the deception. If any witnesses’ saving throws succeed, the beguiling bauble loses its intended enchantment, and the object glows red hot until removed. If the wearer is unwilling or unable to immediately discard it, it inflicts 2d4 hp fire damage each round until the subject is reduced to ash.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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