Battle Plan

School divination; Level cleric/oracle 5


Casting Time 1 hr.
Components V, S, F (a miniature map representing the combat area)


Range personal
Target you
Duration instantaneous and 1 hr./level


You assess battlefield conditions and general enemy tactics after completing this spell, improving your decisions about a battle, which you specify when casting this spell. Every ally with you during the spell’s casting or to whom you directly communicate the spell’s information gains a +2 morale bonus on ability checks, attack rolls, saves, and skill checks related to the battle. If these characters disseminate the information (a process that should take a period of time as determined by the GM), the spell grants a +1 morale bonus to characters who receive the secondhand information. No more than

10 characters/caster level can receive this bonus, though. Unexpected events may interfere with your reading of the future. You have a 75% chance +1% per caster level (maximum 95%) to successfully predict an upcoming battle’s initial elements (such as whether the enemy will attack directly or with an ambush, whether the enemy will call reinforcements, etc); the roll is made secretly.

For each hour the battle continues, make a new roll. If the roll fails, all bonuses provided by this spell revert to penalties due to the battle’s chaos for the next hour. Additionally, the chance of future accurate predictions drops by 10% per hour.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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