Wracking Ray

Wracking Ray

Wracking Ray

School necromancy [evil, pain]; Level arcanist/sorcerer/wizard 5, shaman 5, spiritualist 5, witch 5


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, M (an old bone, broken in the casting)


Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Effect ray
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Fortitude half; Spell Resistance yes


A ray of sickly greenish-gray negative energy issues forth from the palm of your hand. Make a ranged touch attack against the target. A creature hit by this spell is wracked by painful spasms as its muscles and sinews wither and twist. The subject takes 1d4 points of Dexterity and Strength damage per 3 caster levels you possess (maximum 5d4 each). This spell cannot reduce an ability score below 1. A successful Fortitude save halves the damage.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Book of Magic: Spell Codex Volume 1. (c) 2022, Jon Brazer Enterprises

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