Spirit Bonds

Spirit Bonds

Spirit Bonds

School divination [meditative]; Level arcanist/wizard 3, cleric/warpriest 3, shaman 3, witch 3


Casting Time 1 hour
Components V, M (soothing incense worth 300 gp)


Range personal
Target you; see text
Duration 24 hours or until discharged


Note Spells with the ‘meditative’ descriptor are not cast like other spells’they are cast during the period of the day when a spellcaster prepares her spells. A meditative spell must already be prepared at the time when you start your 1-hour spell preparation ritual, and at the end of that time, the meditative spell of your choosing is cast, leaving you with that one spell slot used for the remainder of the day. You can have only one meditative spell in effect on you at any one time. All meditative spells have a range of personal and a target of you, and they can’t be brewed into potions or part of similar one-use items like elixirs. A meditative spell can be placed on a scroll or in a wand, but the act of casting the spell must always be incorporated into the user’s spell-preparation time; it also takes 1 hour for a character who succeeds at an appropriate Use Magic Device check to operate such an item. Though some of these spells are on the cleric spell list, they can’t be part of an oracle’s list of spells known. Spontaneous casters such as oracles or sorcerers cannot benefit from the effects of a meditative spell, nor can characters who use such magic without preparation via Use Magic Device and a magic item, since part of the process of casting and maintaining the effects of a meditative spell involves tying the act of weaving the magic into the very process of meditation and study that a prepared spellcaster (such as a cleric or wizard) undergoes at the start of every day.

You heighten your awareness of up to one willing creature or object per 3 caster levels, each of which must be within 30 feet of you during the entire hour you spend preparing spells and casting spirit bonds. By concentrating on one of these creatures or objects as a full-round action, you can learn its direction and relative distance from your location, provided that it is on the same plane.

In the case of a creature, you can also learn the state of its emotion or health aura as a full-round action. In the case of an object, you can also get a sense of how damaged it is, similar to reading the health aura of a creature, or, in the case of a magic item that must be activated, you can learn when it was last activated (a full-round action in either case).

Additionally, at any time during the spell’s duration, you can deliver a single message to any of the creatures that participated in the spell. This message is delivered telepathically regardless of range and can be up to 25 words in length. Delivering a message in this way severs your connection with that character, and you can no longer learn information about that creature through this spell. Doing so does not impact the remaining duration you have linked to other creatures or objects.

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