Firewalkers Meditation

Firewalker’s Meditation

Firewalker’s Meditation

School abjuration [meditative]; Level cleric/warpriest 4, druid 4, paladin 3, shaman 4, wizard 4


Casting Time 1 hour
Components V, M (soothing incense worth 400 gp)


Range personal
Target you
Duration 24 hours or until discharged


Note Spells with the ‘meditative’ descriptor are not cast like other spells’they are cast during the period of the day when a spellcaster prepares her spells. A meditative spell must already be prepared at the time when you start your 1-hour spell preparation ritual, and at the end of that time, the meditative spell of your choosing is cast, leaving you with that one spell slot used for the remainder of the day. You can have only one meditative spell in effect on you at any one time. All meditative spells have a range of personal and a target of you, and they can’t be brewed into potions or part of similar one-use items like elixirs. A meditative spell can be placed on a scroll or in a wand, but the act of casting the spell must always be incorporated into the user’s spell-preparation time; it also takes 1 hour for a character who succeeds at an appropriate Use Magic Device check to operate such an item. Though some of these spells are on the cleric spell list, they can’t be part of an oracle’s list of spells known. Spontaneous casters such as oracles or sorcerers cannot benefit from the effects of a meditative spell, nor can characters who use such magic without preparation via Use Magic Device and a magic item, since part of the process of casting and maintaining the effects of a meditative spell involves tying the act of weaving the magic into the very process of meditation and study that a prepared spellcaster (such as a cleric or wizard) undergoes at the start of every day.

You focus your mind on blocking out pain, allowing your body to endure punishments that would be otherwise unbearable. While under the effects of this spell, you continue to register pain’you simply don’t suffer the deleterious effects such sensations bring. For example, if you were lit on fire as you slept, you would still wake from the pain of burning even though some of the fire damage you endured (perhaps all of it) would be negated by this spell.

You gain DR 5/magic, resist fire 10, and a +4 bonus on saving throws to resist pain effects.

Once the spell has prevented a total of 10 points of damage per caster level (maximum 100 points), it is discharged. At any time during the spell’s duration when you take damage that would be subject to the damage reduction or energy resistance granted by this spell, you can expend the spell’s remaining duration as an immediate action in order to increase the effects to DR 10/magic, resist fire 30, and immunity to pain effects. If you do so, these enhanced effects persist for 3 rounds, after which the spell ends.

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