Fusing of Bones

School transmutation; Level sorcerer/wizard 8


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a set of masterwork shackles)


Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target one living creature
Duration instantaneous and permanent; see text
Saving Throw Fort negates; Spell Resistance yes


You permanently fuse and bind the bones of the subject. If the subject fails a Fortitude save, its Dexterity drops to 1. The affected creature cannot move or use Strength– or Dexterity-based skills and suffers all appropriate penalties to AC, and on Reflex saves, and so on. The subject remains in this state until a heal, limited wish, miracle, wish, or dispel magic (the latter cast by a spellcaster with a higher caster level than you) is used to cancel the effects of this spell. Creatures without bones (oozes and most plant creatures for example) and incorporeal creatures are immune to the effects of this spell.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Book of Lost Spells – Copyright 2015, Frog God Games, LLC

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