Domain Channel

You can draw on the power of your domain when you channel energy.

Prerequisite(s): Channel energy class feature, domain class feature.

Benefit: Each time you channel energy you can choose to automatically modify it in a way related to your domain. In addition, you can alter that use of channel energy even more by sacrificing some of the dice you normally produce when channeling energy.

For instance, if you normally produce six dice worth of energy and you choose to activate an ability that costs two dice you would only produce four dice worth of energy with that use of channel energy. Unless otherwise mentioned in the text you can stack these effects together; however, you must always produce at least one dice worth of energy when you channel. The exact abilities granted by this feat vary with each domain. Unless otherwise mentioned in the text, eligible creatures are subject to the effects of this feat even if they’re not affected by that particular use of channel energy.

For instance, channeling positive energy to harm undead would not prevent allies from benefiting, or living enemies suffering, any additional effects produced by this feat. You can use any feat or effect which allows you to exclude creatures from the effects of your regular channel energy to also exclude creatures from the effects produced by this feat.

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Each time you take this feat it applies to a different domain. You can only apply the effects of one domain to any given use of channel energy.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Lost Lore: Eminent Domains, Forces & Philosophies – Copyright 2015 Frog God Games; Author Hal Maclean

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