Death Gaze

School necromancy [evil]; Level cleric/oracle 6, sorcerer/wizard 6


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (two small marbles, the same color as your eyes)


Range 30 ft.
Target one living creature/round
Duration 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw none or Fortitude partial or Fort negates (see text); Spell Resistance yes


This spell changes the whites of your eyes to black and reshapes your pupils into small white skulls. Each round this spell is in effect, one creature within 30 feet that meets your gaze must succeed on a Fortitude save or be affected as follows (depending on its HD).

HD Effect 6 or more 2d6 points of damage (Fort negates) 3–5 Death (2d6 points of damage on a successful save) 2 or less Death (no save) If your gaze is reflected back on you (such as by a mirror, pool of water, and so on), you take 2d6 points of damage with no saving throw.

At the end of this spell, you must succeed on a DC 10 Fortitude save or be blinded for 1d6+4 hours.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Book of Lost Spells – Copyright 2015, Frog God Games, LLC

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