Cone of Decay

School necromancy; Level sorcerer/wizard 7


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a pinch of dust and a carrion beetle)/DF


Range 60 ft.
Area cone-shaped burst
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Reflex half (see below); Spell Resistance yes


Cone of decay creates a burst originating at your hand and extending outward in a cone that deteriorates nonliving organic material in an instant.

The cone deals 1d6 points of damage per caster level to organic material.

The spell has no effect on living creatures, stone, metals, enchanted or other non-degradable items. Creatures gain a Reflex save in order to avoid damage to items carried. Unattended non-living organic matter crumbles to dust and blows away in the wind. Wooden doors fall to sawdust, leaving only metal hinges and nails, leather armor becomes brittle and crumbles, and clothing rots into fine particles of lint within the area of effect of this spell. Magic items are unaffected by this spell, but mundane items such as backpacks, pouches, belts and straps are. Items held by these drop to the floor.

This spell is a particularly effective against corporeal undead and some constructs. A cone of decay deals 1d6 points of damage per caster level (maximum 15d6) to corporeal undead and constructs made of affected materials.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Book of Lost Spells – Copyright 2015, Frog God Games, LLC

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