Coat of Arms

School conjuration (creation); Level sorcerer/wizard 1


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M


Range personal
Target you
Duration 1d4 rounds + 1 round/level


You cast this spell upon your cloak or cape, at which time the garment flashes with light and fourteen magical swords appear in a fanned array along its width. You may select any one blade and remove it from the garment to use in standard melee combat. The exact power of the weapon depends on the caster’s level. All fourteen blades always appear, regardless of the caster’s level, though a 1st-level caster has access only to the first and weakest blade, while a 2nd-level caster has access to the first two blades, etcetera, all the way to a caster of 14th level, who may select from any of the fourteen blades.

If you are not proficient with the particular type of weapon you select from the garment, you suffer the usual penalties in combat. You may use a partial action to discard a chosen blade and select another at any time during the spell’s duration, as long as you’re of sufficient level to use the desired weapon; a discarded blade vanishes and may not be used until the spell is cast again. Any weapon that leaves your hand vanishes in the same manner, making it impossible to pass one of these weapons to an ally.

The following is a list of the garment’s advancement in regard to caster level.

Level Type and Name Bonus Special

1 dagger of parrying +1 +4 to hit on attempts to disarm or strike opponent’s weapon

2 short sword of the mariner +1 +1d6 damage vs. aquatic creatures

3 short sword of purity +1 +1d6 damage vs. lycanthropes

4 falchion of speed +1 +4 on initiative rolls

5 rapier of chivalry +1 +4 when defending unarmed member of opposite sex1

6 rapier of wounding +1 victim bleeds as per a weapon with the wounding quality

7 longsword of frostbite +2 +1d6 damage vs. creatures with the fire subtype

8 bastard sword of scorching +2 +1d6 damage vs. creatures with regeneration

9 scimitar of the sun +2 shines with daylight, +1d6 damage vs. undead

10 dagger of the magi +3 +1d6 damage vs. martial characters (any class with a BAB equal to class level)

11 scimitar of sand +3 sand blast, 1/day (see spell description)

12 longsword of the sea +3 may fight underwater without combat penalties2

13 greatsword of war +4 +1d6 damage if used in mass combat3

14 short sword of severing +4 critical hit severs head as per vorpal weapon quality

Notes to Table

1. The GM remains the final arbiter, but usually the subject in need of defense must be unarmed and in obvious danger from an attacker.

2. You never suffer negative modifiers to your attack rolls when fighting in water, whether you are partially or wholly submerged.

3. The GM decides what constitutes mass combat, but it is always a clash between opposing armies, town militias, or other groups of paid soldiers, rather than a group of PCs fighting a gang of orcs.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Book of Lost Spells – Copyright 2015, Frog God Games, LLC

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