Animal Sense

School transmutation [animal]; Level druid 3, ranger 3, shaman 3


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a bit of fur)


Range touch
Target creature touched
Duration 10 min./level (D)
Saving Throw Will negates (harmless); Spell Resistance yes (harmless)

With a simple touch, you grant the targeted creature the inherent senses of an animal you specify.

Upon casting animal sense, you must select a single creature of the animal type. For the duration of the spell, the targeted creature gains any of the following senses that are possessed by the chosen animal: darkvision 60 feet, keen scent, low-light vision, and scent. This does not change the target’s shape.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Path of the Wilds, © 2020, Ascension Games, LLC; Author Christopher Moore

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