Wall Of Water

School evocation [cold, water]; Level druid 6, sorcerer/wizard 6


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (the contents of a full waterskin)


Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Effect wall of rapidly moving water whose area is up to one 10-ft. square/level
Duration 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw Reflex partial; see text; Spell Resistance no


A wall of rapidly moving water — like an ever-cycling waterfall — springs into existence. The wall of water deflects normal projectiles as a wind wall. Any creature who attempts to move through the water suffers 3d6 points of cold damage and must make a Reflex save or be knocked prone. A creature knocked prone will take an additional 3d6 points of cold damage every round that they are still in the water.

Fire can destroy a wall of water, and it deals full damage to the wall. Once the wall has taken a total of 100 points of fire damage, it evaporates into a great cloud of steamy fog that lingers for 10 minutes.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Paths of Power. Copyright 2009, 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming; Authors Sean O’Connor and Patricia Willenborg, with Connie J. Thomson and Robert W. Thomson.

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