Beauty of Youth

School transmutation; Level cleric/oracle 4


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (the dried, powdered petals of a white rose, stirred into a glass of wine and consumed by you)


Range personal
Target you
Duration permanent


By casting this spell, you will permanently appear younger than you actually are. The number of years younger you look varies by race; see the table below. Beauty of youth does not remove physical or mental effects of natural or magical aging (such as the bonuses and penalties to ability scores that occur upon reaching middle age, or aging that occurs from the corrupting touch of a ghost), it only affects your physical appearance. Your youthful appearance gives you a +1 bonus to any Charisma-based skill check where your looks are involved – for example, if you are attempting a Diplomacy check to get the guard at the city gate to let you in without paying the gate tax, or when making a Perform (Dance) check when dancing for an audience. You can benefit from no more than 3 castings of beauty of youth in any 10-year period, and the Charisma-based skill check bonuses stack.

Race Number of Years
Dwarf 3d6
Elf 4d6
Gnome 4d6
Half-Elf 1d6
Half-Orc 1d4
Halfling 2d4
Human 1d4

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Book of Divine Magic. Copyright 2009, 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming; Authors Connie J. Thomson and Robert W. Thomson, with Katheryn Bauer and Sean O’Connor.

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