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Robe, Anaphexis

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Price 16,000 gp; Slot body; CL 10th; Weight 1 lb.; Aura moderate divination and necromancy


Sewn from deep purple fabric, an Anaphexis robe appears to be a plain version of holy vestments.

A creature wearing this robe can speak directly into the minds of other creatures wearing Anaphexis robes or carrying an unholy symbol within 100 feet, as long as they share a common language. The robes grant a +10 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks to appear as a monk and a +10 circumstance bonus on Sleight of Hand checks to conceal weapons. Once per day, a wearer with the death attack class ability can reduce the number of rounds required to study a target for a death attack by 1.


Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells message, slay living; Cost 8,000 gp

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