Wings of the Gargoyle

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th; Slot shoulders; Price 72,000 gp; Weight 3 lbs.


These cloth shoulder straps have many pebbles stitched into them. The wearer of the straps can command them to unfurl a pair of wings made from a hard gray stone. These wings grant her a fly speed of 60 feet and average maneuverability. When these wings are present her skin also takes on a noticeable stone-like appearance and she gains DR 10/adamantine. The wearer can furl and unfurl these wings as a swift action. The wings can be used for up to 5 minutes each day. The duration need not be continuous, but it must be used in 1-minute increments.


Feats Craft Wondrous Item, fly, stoneskin; Cost 36,000 gp.

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