Unctuous Waders

Price 67,200 gp; Slot feet; CL 7th; Weight 6 lbs.; Aura moderate transmutation


These thigh-high boots are made of a slimy, grayish skin, as though crafted from the hide of some deep-sea eel. Created by a race of unknown undersea creatures only passingly familiar with humanoid physiology, these tall, uncomfortable boots are made of slimy skin that wriggles slightly.


The boots function as slippers of the triton, allowing the wearer to breathe and swim underwater. The boots constantly murmur telepathically to the wearer, alternating between sycophantic praise of the wearer’s prowess and smug assurance that the boots will ensure that the wearer comes to no harm while underwater. The unctuous waders urge the wearer to explore beneath the waves, hoping to find some clues as to their creators and purpose, which the boots have long ago forgotten.

If the wearer goes for more than a week without submerging herself in the ocean, the unctuous waders become less obsequious and more demanding. The unctuous waders can remove the ability to allow the wielder to breathe underwater, which they might do as a threat to compel obedience, or out of mere petulance.

Three times per day as a standard action, the unctuous waders can exude slimy water from the heels to propel the user, as the slipstream spell.


Cost 36,600 gp; Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells ride the waves, slipstream

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Adventure Path #122: Into the Shattered Continent © 2017, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Robert Brookes, with Ayla Arthur, Adam Daigle, Lucas J.W. Johnson, Robin Loutzenhiser, Ron Lundeen, and Mark Moreland.

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