Summoning Shackle

Aura moderate abjuration; CL 11th; Weight 1 lb.; Slot none; Price 5,000 gp


This small silver shackle is carved with conjuration runes. When used as a focus as part of a summoning spell of 3rd level or less, it creates a faintly-glowing intangible magical chain from the caster to the summoned creature or creatures. The duration of that summoning spell is extended as if using the Extend Spell feat, with no increase in casting time. The chain prevents the creature from moving more than 30 feet from the caster, even when using teleportation (though the caster can use these effects to exceed this distance, which ends the shackling effect immediately). The chain does not otherwise obstruct or interfere with any object or creature other than the summoned creature. The shackle may be used up to five times per day. If the shackle or the chain is dispelled, the range limitation and increased duration ends; if the spell’s unmodified duration would already have ended by then, the spell ends immediately.


Feats Craft Wondrous Item, Extend Spell, dimensional anchor, summon monster I; Cost 2,500 gp

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