Propagation Pod

Price 48,000 gp; Slot none; CL 15th; Weight 250 lbs.; Aura strong transmutation


This urn-shaped object is large enough for a full-grown human to crouch inside. The bottom half of the pod is ringed in Druidic glyphs and layered with ever-fertile soil, while the top is crafted from stained glass that magically cycles between depictions of rainy, starry, and sunny skies.

A ghoran can expel its seed into a propagation pod and seal the pod as a full-round action; this does not cause the ghoran to gain a negative level. Over the next 2d6 days, the ghoran’s seed sprouts into an exact replica of his current appearance. After maturing, this new ghoran remains in stasis indefinitely, acting in all ways as a fully grown clone of the ghoran as per the clone spell. If the ghoran dies and its soul transfers to the clone as a result, the propagation pod shatters into shards of powerless clay and glass.

While a ghoran’s seed is expelled into a propagation pod, it cannot use its seed racial trait, nor can it use any feats or abilities dependent upon its seed. If the ghoran has the Sproutling feat, he can allow his clone to develop after 1d6 days instead of 2d6 days, though his size is adjusted and his ability scores modified as described by the Sproutling feat should he die and subsequently inhabit his clone.


Cost 15,660 gp; Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells clone, plant growth

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