Dull Gray Stone (Ioun Stone)

Aura faint universal; CL 12th; Slot none; Price: 25 gp; Weight —.


These are ioun stones that have been burned out or otherwise rendered all but powerless. They retain the ability to float and orbit, and are useful as the target of spells such as continual flame, daylight, and silence, allowing you to keep your hands free. They may be any shape (cabochon, disk, ellipsoid, and so on).

Cracked: This stone has no powers. Price: 25 gp.

Flawed: This stone has no powers. Price: 25 gp.

See Inferior Ioun Stones for details on cracked and flawed variant stones.


Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Special creator must be 12th level; Cost 12 gp, 5 sp

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