Harp of Storms

Aura moderate evocation; CL 7th; Slot none; Price 22,000 gp Weight 2 lbs.


This small harp is carved from whale ivory, and its frame is filigreed with delicate gold patterns depicting winds and clouds. Up to three times per day as a standard action, you can use a harp of storms to surround yourself with an aura of brisk wind that grants you a 20% miss chance against all ranged attacks. This wind cloak effect lasts for 1 minute. At any time during that minute, you may strike additional notes on the harp of storms in order to produce one of the following three effects.

  • Air Walk: You cause the winds to lift you off the ground, granting you the effects of an air walk spell for 1 round. This is normally a move action, but if you succeed at a DC 15 Perform (strings) check, it is a swift action.
  • Gust of Wind: You can direct the winds surrounding you to duplicate the effects of a gust of wind spell. This is a standard action.
  • Lightning Strike: As a standard action, make a Perform (strings) check. You cause a bolt of lightning to strike a single foe within 30 feet, dealing an amount of electricity damage equal to the result of your Perform (strings) check. The target gets a DC 15 Reflex save to halve the damage caused by this lightning strike.


Feats Craft Wondrous Item, air walk, call lightning, gust of wind; Cost 11,000 gp

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lands of the Linnorm Kings © 2011, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Authors: Matthew Goodall, Jonathan Keith, Colin McComb, and Rob McCreary.

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