Figurines of Wondrous Power

Aura varies; CL varies; Slot —; Price 10,000 gp (bronze griffon), 10,000 gp (ebony fly), 16,500 gp (golden lions), 21,000 gp (ivory goats), 7,500 gp (lapis camel), 17,000 gp (marble elephant), 28,500 gp (obsidian steed), 15,500 gp (onyx dog), 9,100 gp (serpentine eagle), 9,100 gp (serpentine owl), 3,800 gp (silver raven); Weight 1 lb.


Each of the several kinds of figurines of wondrous power appears to be a miniature statuette of a creature an inch or so high (with one exception).


When the figurine is tossed down and the correct command word spoken, it becomes a living creature of normal size (except when noted otherwise below). The creature obeys and serves its owner. Unless stated otherwise, the creature understands Common but does not speak.

If a figurine of wondrous power is broken or destroyed in its statuette form, it is forever ruined. All magic is lost, its power departed. If slain in animal form, the figurine simply reverts to a statuette that can be used again at a later time.


Feats Craft Wondrous Item, animate objects, additional spells, see text; Cost 5,000 gp (bronze griffon), 5,000 gp (ebony fly), 8,250 gp (golden lions), 10,500 gp (ivory goats), 3,750 gp (lapis camel), 8,500 gp (marble elephant), 14,250 gp (obsidian steed), 7,750 gp (onyx dog), 4,550 (serpentine eagle), 4,550 gp (serpentine owl), 1,900 gp (silver raven)

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