Elixir of Vicious Magic

Price 1,750 gp; Slot none; CL 7th; Weight —; Aura moderate evocation


This pear-shaped flask contains a metallic-green liquid suffused with small pulsing globules.


This elixir fuses with the magical essence flowing through the imbiber’s veins, enhancing the potency of spells at the cost of his health. For the next minute, any spells the imbiber casts that deal hit point damage deal an additional amount of damage of the same type equal to the spell level to both the target and the imbiber.


Cost 875 gp; Feats Craft Wondrous Item, Furious Spell

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Player Companion: Potions & Poisons © 2017, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Kate Baker, Eleanor Ferron, Nathan King, Lyz Liddell, Luis Loza, Alex Putnam, Alex Riggs, and David Schwartz.

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