Discretion Charm

Price 3,500 gp; Slot none; CL 10th Weight -; Aura moderate illusion


These magical baubles were originally created to aid nobles in slipping away to engage in trysts with fellow party-goers, but the Silver Ravens have seized upon them as an excellent way to baffle foes in public areas without resorting to combat. A discretion charm usually comes in the form of a cuff link, an earring, or another small piece of jewelry. Pressing the face of the charm (a standard action) activates it, after which it remains active for up to 5 minutes.

Once it has been activated, the wearer can drop the charm as a free action to render herself invisible, as per vanish. Simultaneously, the dropped charm generates an illusory duplicate of the user in the square, as per programmed image. This image repeats whatever activities the user performed between the time the charm was activated and the time it was dropped. Unlike programmed image, the illusory duplicate of the user can react to external stimuli to a limited degree. It can turn to face those who speak to it and respond by nodding and smiling, but otherwise cannot say anything that it did not record before being dropped. If the charm was dropped less than 1 minute after being activated, anyone interacting with the illusion gains a +5 bonus on the Will save to disbelieve the programmed image effect.

This illusory duplicate lasts for 10 minutes, whereas the vanish effect on the user lasts only 5 rounds. Once the illusion effect ends, the discretion charm loses its powers and becomes a worthless, non-magical piece of costume jewelry.


Cost 1,750 gp; Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells programmed image, vanish

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