Bones of the Founder

Aura faint enchantment; CL 4th; Slot none; Price 2,250 gp; Weight 0 to 1 lb. each (entire set weighs 8 lbs.)


The bones of the Founder are small, blackened bone fragments, most no more than an inch long, and that radiate a faint, soothing warmth. Each bone grants the bearer 1 temporary hit point. These temporary hit points stack with other temporary hit points gained from possessing multiple bones, but not with those from other sources. These temporary hit points return daily at dawn. There are a total of 32 bones that bear the power of the Founder.

In addition to granting temporary hit points, the bearer of one or more of these bones is always aware of the presence of other bones of the Founder within 50 feet.

The bones also possess a mild drive to seek out their remaining pieces. Every time a character acquires a bone of the Founder, she must make a Will save (DC 10 + the number of bones of the Founder in her possession). Failure causes the character to have a dream of the Founder that encourages her to seek out the other bones. This dream does not force the character to act, but suggests that seeking the remaining bones would be a benevolent act. Should all 32 bones ever be gathered together, they immediately crumble to dust and release the Founder’s soul to the afterlife, losing all power.


Craft Wondrous Item, aid; Cost 1,125 gp

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