Banner of The Scarlet Rose

Price 18,000 gp; Slot none; CL 7th; Weight 3 lbs.; Aura moderate enchantment


This flag bears an image of a red rose on a silvery field. Made for the Scarlet Rose’s standard-bearers, these flags offer protection to the wielder and inspiration to her allies.

To grant any benefit, a banner of the Scarlet Rose must be held firmly in one hand by a woman. While held, it grants the bearer a +2 shield bonus to AC and a +4 luck bonus to her CMD. A banner of the Scarlet Rose counts as a heavy shield for the purpose of any feat or class feature that requires the user to be wielding a shield (such as Sisterhood Style or Shield Wall).

Whenever the banner’s bearer uses a class ability that grants a competence bonus (such as the bard’s inspire courage ability or the cavalier’s lion’s call order ability), the competence bonus granted to allies increases by 1. This benefit does not apply to spells that grant competence bonuses, nor does it stack with other item effects that increase competence bonuses. Finally, allies within 30 feet (including the banner’s bearer) gain a +2 resistance bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting effects.


Cost 9,000 gp; Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells good hope, resistance, shield

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