Ring of the Godless

Price varies (+1 bonus 8,000 gp, +2 bonus 17,000 gp, +3 bonus 27,000 gp, +4 bonus 38,000 gp, +5 bonus 50,000 gp); Slot ring; CL 5th; Weight —; Aura faint abjuration and divination


These rings are said to have first been forged to help root out the hidden faithful and other practitioners of the divine.

A ring of the godless grants a luck bonus on saving throws against divine spells. This bonus does not apply to spell-like or supernatural abilities unless they are class abilities of a divine spellcasting class, such as channel energy or domain powers, or unless they are used by a creature that has been called, created, or summoned by divine magic. The wearer’s spell resistance (if any) increases by an amount equal to the ring’s luck bonus, though this increase applies only against divine spells (and spell-like abilities as described above).

A ring of the godless also allows the wearer to use detect magic at will, though it detects only divine magic. In addition, the wearer can use a specialized form of arcane sight a number of times per day equal to the ring’s luck bonus. This ability can be activated as a swift action, its effect lasts until the end of the wearer’s turn, and it detects only divine magic or divine spellcasting ability.


Cost varies (+1 bonus 4,000 gp, +2 bonus 8,500 gp, +3 bonus 13,500 gp, +4 bonus 19,000 gp, +5 bonus 25,000 gp); Feats Forge Ring; Spells arcane sight, detect magic, spell resistance; Special creator cannot be a divine spellcaster and must be of a level at least three times higher than the bonus of the ring.

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