Ring of Summoning Affinity (Qlippoth)

Price 8,600 gp; Slot ring; CL 5th; Weight —; Aura faint conjuration [chaos, evil]


This ring has an odd, disquieting texture that always reveals greater layers of complexity the more closely it is examined. If the wearer can cast summon monster spells, the wearer adds cythnigot to the 3rd-level list of monsters he can summon with those spells, adds shoggti to the 6th-level list, adds nyogoth to the 7th-level list, adds chernobue to the 8th-level list, and adds augnagar to the 9th-level list. Also, once per day on command the wearer can use this ring to summon a cythnigot, as if by the summon monster III spell.


Cost 4,300 gp; Feats Forge Ring; Spells planar ally or planar binding; Special creator must be chaotic evil

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